South African Cooking Safari – 24 October

//South African Cooking Safari – 24 October

South African Cooking Safari – 24 October


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Date: Wednesday 24th October

Time: 12h00 – 15h30

Cost : R650


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Guests prepare and then enjoy a sensational meal made from local fare, including a mixture of flavours from Cape Malay, African and South African cuisine. The day starts with preparing 6-8 authentic South African recipes,  comprising starters, main meals cooked on an open fire and ends with a selection of South African desserts.

Guests can either participate in creating the dishes or can merely sit and watch as the chef prepares the various meals for the evening. During the session, the chef imparts his own experiences of living in South Africa and provides a history of the cultures and people that have influenced Cape Town cuisine and made it famous the world over.

Recipe Selection

Boboti Samoosas

Mielie Bread

African Pot Bread

Mini Bunny Chow

Braai Beef Boerewors

Chicken Pieces Smoked with Rooibos Tea


Yellow Rice with Raisins

Roasted Potatoes

Seasonal Grilled Vegetables

Vegetarian Boboti

Malva Pudding with Amarula Custard

Milk Tart


*The course features a selection of (not all) the recipes above 


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