Basic Cooking Skills Session – 25 Sept

//Basic Cooking Skills Session – 25 Sept

Basic Cooking Skills Session – 25 Sept


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Dates: Monday 25th Sept – Thursday 28th Sept (4 DAYS)

Times: 09H00 – 12H30

Cost: R2000

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This course is aimed at novice cooks and people interested in learning kitchen survival skills or looking to improve their cooking skills. Trying to come up with something tasty and innovative on a daily basis can be rather stressful. Whether you live alone or with a family, you’ll enjoy the simplicity and the sensational tastes that come from basic cooking.

The emphasis is on easy to prepare, healthy dishes & cooking technology with a bit of a difference, and is ideal for students, domestics and beginner home cooks. According to statistics, the kitchen is the most dangerous room in a home as it contains a large volume of knives, open flames and steaming pots. Learn to maneuver this danger zone with a 3-hour cooking course, which includes tips demonstrated by the chef, what ingredients to use and store, knife skills and how to prepare delicious and wholesome recipes from start to dessert.

Ideal for students, Domestics, au pairs and busy executives.

Day 1: Basic tuition and vegetables.

Knife Skills

Planning and co-ordinating meals

Day 2: Seafood

Gutting and filleting

Cooking various types of seafood

Day 3: Poultry and Chicken

Cutting and deboning

Frying, roasting, grilling and marinating

Day 4: Meats

Cleaning meat, deboning, preparing

Grilling, frying and roasting




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