New Vegan Ideas – 7th August

//New Vegan Ideas – 7th August

New Vegan Ideas – 7th August


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Dates: Tuesday 7th August

Time: 18h00 – 21h30 

Cost: R620

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More and more people are choosing the vegan eating option for a number of reasons. Vegan food has many health benefits as well as providing the body with a purer form of daily energy.  Many vegans choose to eat this way for ethical reasons or to assist in creating a greener planet. It goes without saying though that being vegan means you have to cut out a few standard dietary options. It doesn’t mean that you have to give anything up and there are always substitutes or better options.

Our vegan cooking class illustrates that you can still have a rich and exciting diet filled with delicious dishes. Whether you are new to veganism and just learning the lifestyle or looking to get a little bit more creative in the kitchen, a vegan cooking class is the perfect way to experiment with new recipes without using meat, eggs, or dairy.


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