Domestic /Basic Training Course – September

//Domestic /Basic Training Course – September

Domestic /Basic Training Course – September


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Tuesday 25th – Friday 28th September

Times: 09H00 – 12H30

Cost: R2000

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The key to your setting your domestic worker up with the necessary skills to perform well in the kitchen follows two basic principles:

  • Empower them by building confidence
  • Provide them with a good knowledge of basic cooking skills

This course gives your domestic worker with hands-on training using a variety of tried and tested recipes to put into practice in your own homes.  Students are taught a variety of dishes, kitchen skills, how to use equipment correctly, kitchen etiquette and the correct techniques and cooking methods used to prepare delicious meals.  On completion of the course, delegates receive a certificate. On average, it takes four four-hour sessions for your domestic to obtain the confidence and the ability to work independently.  Cooking classes are kept to a maximum of 8. It is essential that all students are able to read and understand English

Lesson 1: Basics and Vegetables                                                                   

Conversion and Measurement Charts
Understanding different oven temperatures
Basic Food Hygiene
Safety in the Kitchen
An Introduction to Different Cooking Techniques
Menu Planning Overview
Choosing Ingredients
Knife Skills and kitchen tips
Basic white sauce/roux

Lesson 2: Fish and Seafood                                                                            

Working with Fish
Making meals healthier
Types of Seafood
Tips on Choosing Fish and Seafood
Cutting and Preparing of different types of fish
Different Seafood Cooking Techniques
Timing and Preparing Fish dishes

Lesson 3: Poultry                                                                                             

Menu Planning to be discussed
Serving Portions and Carving
Types of Poultry
Different Poultry Cooking Techniques
De-boning a chicken
Knife skills with chicken
Cooking various parts of the chicken

Lesson 4: Meats                                                                                              

How to prepare various cuts of meat
Different Meat Cooking Techniques
Cutting and prepping meats
Cleaning and flavouring
Cooking temperatures and presentation


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