Mastering Seafood – Shellfish

//Mastering Seafood – Shellfish

Mastering Seafood – Shellfish


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Date: Thursday 9 November

Time: 18h00 – 22h00 

Cost: R600

8 in stock



The second in the Mastering Seafood series. There’s fish, and then there’s shellfish. Learn how to cook different types of shellfish off the coast of South Africa, combining them into a tantalising seafood platter dinner finale.  

Shellfish is a broad term for crustacean and mollusc seafood. Each group has its own varieties and its own peculiarities of preparation, but most shellfish is easy to cook, rich in minerals and bursting with flavour. We tackle the most sustainable varieties of shellfish such as mussels, prawns, clams, langoustines, crayfish and Oysters, and include squid and octopus. Due to the cost of shellfish, the course has bene priced at a higher rate.


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