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Mastering Meats


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Tuesday 27th March

18h00 – 22h00


8 in stock

Product Description

Mastering meats is a course that gets you understanding how to prepare all types of meats and how to prepare them in ways that suit the meat cuts and types. Participants get down to block work, deboning, filleting and preparation of various cuts including chicken, beef, lamb, pork and game. We prepare meat stocks and glazes, make a few delectable dishes such as tagines, seared fillet, braai meat and slow roast lamb.
Join our seasoned chefs who share the secrets and skills behind slow cooking, smoking, barbecuing, grilling and various other techniques that will make working with meat a simple task.


Recipes may include:
• Ostrich fillet with béarnaise sauce
• Za’atar crusted lamb chops with lime yoghurt
• Slow roast pork belly with crispy crackling
• Mexican chilli con carne
• Beef fillet with roasted vegetables
• Lamb burgers with apricot relish


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