Fusion Foods & Presentation Techniques

//Fusion Foods & Presentation Techniques
  • Cauliflower & White chocolate panna cotta

Fusion Foods & Presentation Techniques


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Date: Tuesday 3rd Oct

Time: 18h00 – 22h00

Cost: R580

8 in stock


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“If your food is well-presented and looks good on the plate, you’ve already won your customer over”

Fusion food is not a kind of food that fits into any single cuisine, and is usually an experimentation of a combination of various cuisines to create a single dish that challenges conformity, and often the taste-buds. Experimentation in any shape or form carries inherent dangers, and in this course we show you how to cross culinary borders to discover full-fusion flavoured recipes created and perfected by our chefs, without you going through the hard work or sacrificing expensive ingredients. This course allows you to safely challenge your creativity and open your mind to new taste and plating possibilities in the kitchen.

This course is aimed at the more advanced student, who loves experimenting with tastes and playing with new presentation techniques.


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