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October 2016

We’re back….

So, what's different, you ask? Ok.  So we took a little break from posting creative and inspirational stuff about food, restaurants, chefs, opinions and stuff that most people do during their leisure time, and which always involves food in some form. For us, its work, but we still love it. And most importantly, we're back, so [...]

Culinary Tourism coming soon

The foundation of the Stir Crazy cooking school was built on my own travelling experiences to various countries, where I would indulge myself in the foods and flavours of the countries I was visiting. This is where I learned so much about the differences in types of food, their combinations and even the subtle differences [...]

Food Trucks – Upward Trend or Fading Fad?

In the last few years, it seems as if food trucks have taken over much of the trendy food scene in Cape Town, in particular at festivals, open streets and gatherings. A lot of food trends come and go but some are timeless. Food Trucks have been around for ages (think construction sites, late night [...]